We help heart-centered entrepreneurs, who are overwhelmed with time-sucking marketing activities, take back their time so they can grow their business and transform the world!

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You’re on a mission to support transformation in this world! We are, too...but in a different way.

You are the visionary of your business - the face and personality all of your clients love and trust! Your zone of genius is in networking, coaching, and educating your tribe.

Ours is strategizing with you, managing your growth activities, and spreading your brand and content through digital marketing. 


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Ways to Work Together

You bring the marketing strategy to launch your offer and we will create the plan, handle the tech, prepare the content and hand over the designed deliverables. We bring the team to manage all the “deets” so you can relax and focus on serving your clients and prospects with heart and purpose.

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marketing implementation

We get it. You don’t have time to prepare social media posts, manage your podcast, write your emails and blogs, or set up funnels. Nor do you really want to, if you’re honest with yourself. But at Amazing OBM, we actually love implementing your marketing. And we do it every day for heart-centered clients like you. 

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coaching & consulting

You have big dreams for your business. But you’re stuck and overwhelmed by what to do next. You need a listening ear. A collaborator who knows business. Someone who can help you sort through all the muck and get crystal clear on your game plan. As both a certified coach and online business manager, I can support you on your journey. 

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— Kim S. 

I love working with Lori - she is helping me take my business to higher levels of success. Since working with Lori, my business has grown 10x. As your typical entrepreneur with an abundance of ideas - some that make sense to execute on - and many others that don't - Lori helps me think through them and prioritize which make the most sense based on my business. She understands my business and helps me execute quickly. Lori helps me offload the things I shouldn't be doing and keeps me focused on the things I should. Lori is a valuable resource and I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

— Lia

Before I started working with Lori and the Amazing OBM team I felt like my business had no direction. I was putting so much time and effort into things that I wasn’t even sure were working. After just one call with Lori I could tell how much she genuinely cared about me and my business.  

Since then her and the rest of the Amazing OBM team have gone above and beyond to catapult my business forward. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone trying to improve their business.

— Xiaoli

As a love coach with a passion for guiding single women to find their happily ever after, besides coaching, there are a lot of marketing pieces I have to put  together to attract ideal clients and for them to get to know me. Oftentimes I feel overwhelmed and stressed out. 

So I decided to hire an OBM team. I connected with Lori instantly. She is my ideal type of OBM in terms of working style: fast, effective, and results-oriented. Lori and her team helped me on my Facebook group 5-day challenge. With her help, the whole process was smooth and stress-free. I finally feel I can just focus on what I want to deliver, all the other logistics were taken care of. Such a relief. Yes, I will continue working with her team for my future projects. 

— Patricia Russell

The word amazing does not begin to describe the care and thoughtfulness with which Lori and her team carry out the Marketing services for my company. I am not going to speak to their expertise. It shows on her website, the articles published in LinkedIn, her e-newsletter and breadth of knowledge about what works for Marketing. What impresses me most about Lori and the team is their commitment to my business and their level of integrity. They keep me honest with my branding, the company’s vision, my voice, and the customers I serve. They literally run my marketing operation, giving me time to focus on my “sweet spot,” which is serving the clients. Hire Lori and you will experience results IMMEDIATELY.

—Beatriz S.

Lori gave my business structure from a marketing point of view. Her ideas and creativity are mind-blowing. Plus, she’s fast. When we develop an idea, the process begins immediately. All the team members work in her timeline. And Lori listens to me. Other marketers tend to be closed and dictatorial. As a healer, I have no idea how to market. Nor do I want to sell my gift. Lori caringly adapts to my personal needs. She’s my perfect complement. I’m the sky, and she’s my ground. I can create. I can dream. I can heal people. I can plan how to make this world a better one. She plans and executes the best road map to get there. And she always delivers what she promises.

— Sue B.

I have been working with Lori and her team for more than two years. They are doing all of my social media for me across multiple platforms. I have been so impressed with all of the great ideas they have had that they helped me to implement. Everything they have done has helped my marketing on social media look more professional. Some of those things include helping me to implement a monthly theme, creating graphics for my blogs, finding content that goes along with my theme, professional headers on my blogs and newsletters, as well as creating great looking posts for my podcasts on my website. What is more amazing to me is that they are able to say things when they post that are exactly in my voice. That isn’t something that just anyone can do. It shows attention to detail and listening to your clients to create something that they can be proud of. Lori and her team have helped me tremendously. I recommend them to anyone looking for someone to create systems that work and who will partner with you to create marketing that is exactly like what you would do yourself!

—Kim E.

I was referred to Lori by a fellow coach after I’d been unsuccessful with three previous virtual support professionals. He referred to her as “Amazing Lori” and she certainly lives up to the accolades! She helped with many foundational systems for my business and also created my LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. Her assistance with the plan, the graphics, and the copy have helped me grow my professional brand and online presence.
I highly recommend Lori Young!

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