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Handling those daily operational and marketing tasks is a sweet spot for our implementation team.  If you don't have an existing team in place for these business activities, we've got you covered.  These services are offered in conjunction with our business management services.  It's for the business owner who likes the idea of having one cohesive team he/she can rely on to manage the business. 

10 hours+ per month

operations/client Care

• Customer Support
• Scheduling 
• Research
• Database Maintenance
• Administrative Projects
• Executive Assistance
• Surveys

We have a full-service Operations and Client Care Team so please ask us for what you need.


10 hours+ per month

marketing implementation

• Blog & Newsletter Set Up/Delivery
• Event Management
• Social Media Management
• Website Maintenance
• Podcast Management
• Autoresponders
• Marketing Tech Setup

Our marketing implementation team will take care of all your day-to-day marketing tasks.


* All implementation packages must be used in conjunction with OBM services  (We are not a VA Agency)


what is an obm?


You're exhausted trying to manage your business and team.  You've built a sustainable 6-figure business but you know it will take more support to reach the next level.  Our online business management services (OBM) provide you with the tools, systems, planning and team you need to step out of the management and into being the CEO of your business.  Whether you have your own team, or want to use ours, we will make sure the right things get done, at the right time, in the right way, and by the right people.


get the details


Not sure where to start or what's next in your business?  You need a breakthrough strategy session.  In this 90-minute session, we will dive into your business operations, and take an honest look at what's working and what's not.  We will review all your processes, your current team, your bottlenecks, and what it's going to take to scale your business.  After the session, we will create a 90-Day Action Plan for your business, outlining what you need to focus on over the next three months.  


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breakthrough strategy session

• 90 minutes with one of our talented OBMs

• We have a tool to help you review all your current business processes 

• We will discuss your goals and brainstorm the best solutions to reach them

• Walk away with a detailed plan for you to take

Whether you choose to work with us or not, this 90-Day Action Plan is yours and will give you the next steps to take in your business.


Client Love

"Since working with Lori, my business has grown 10x."

"I love working with Lori - she is helping me take my business to higher levels of success. Since working with Lori, my business has grown 10x. As your typical entrepreneur with an abundance of ideas - some that make sense to execute on - and many others that don't - Lori helps me think through them and prioritize which make the most sense based on my business.  She understands my business and helps me executive quickly.  Lori helps me offload the things I shouldn't be doing and keeps me focused on the things I should. Lori is a valuable resource and I look forward to a
long and fruitful partnership."

kim s.

"My business runs smoother and I no longer have to think about tasks lurking on my "to do" list."

"Lori and her team of amazing online business management professionals have truly made my life easier. From onboarding to payroll to operational processes to benefits and beyond, my business runs smoother and I no longer have to think about tasks that are still lurking on my "to do" list because now they are DONE!
I can't thank you enough! Looking forward to our continued work."

dori m.

"We now have time to spend on the aspects of our business where we can provide the most value."

"We've renamed Lori...and now we call her "Amazing Lori!" Lori has been a huge impact on our business. We now have more time to spend on the aspects of our business where we can provide the most value. Lori has helped us be more efficient, which is important for a growing partnership business. Together we have created and documented business processes that keep everyone in their lane. Her team smoothly and professionally onboards all our new clients, giving our company a strong and stellar reputation.  We enjoy our conversations and look forward to her being a part of our business success team for a very long time!"

randy & kelly

"I immediately saw why he was so bullish on Lori. It just works. And so does she!" 

"I met Lori via my coach and colleague who had been working with her for some time. I immediately saw why he was so bullish on Lori. It just works. And so does she! Currently where she plays the most active role for me is as the face of my business at the client level. Besides me, she is their point of contact. Schedule changes, billing, on-boarding, and ongoing client care all fall onto Lori’s desk. This is a huge win for me as it keeps me organized, especially when I’m onsite at a corporate client, having a full calendar there and still maintaining my obligations to my individual coaching clients."

joe s.

"Lori has built processes that make things simpler for me and my business."

"Lori has leveraged her coaching experience to come up with new ways for me to do my blogs and social media posts. Lori has also come up with other suggestions on how to do my newsletters, videos and to build processes that will make things simpler for me and my business. I have been very impressed with the structure she has provided, the suggestions for tools to keep me organized and to track the deliverables for my clients. Working with Lori has really shown me the benefits of working with an OBM and allows me to spend more time in my business."

sue b.

"She's experienced, intuitive, and a great solutions-finder."

"I love working with Lori! I have worked with other virtual support team members since starting my business in 2012 but they ended up taking more of my time and energy rather than making my life easier. I see why my colleagues call her "Amazing Lori"! She's experienced, intuitive, and a great solutions-finder. She helps me stay on track by taking care of my business so I can spend more time doing what I love and serving my clients.
 I highly recommend Lori Young."

kim e.