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a service for high-level entrepreneurs that are ready to grow their earnings + impact

Are you a 6-figure, heart-centered, purpose-driven, and growth-oriented entrepreneur?
Do you desire a business that is running smoothly, where fires and dropped balls are a thing of the past?
Are you tired of being the sole person who leads the business, making it impossible for you to step away?
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a solid strategy for growth and everyone was working the plan?
Are you ready to build an amazing brand and position yourself for explosive growth?


Time for Growth

Being able to go away for a "real" vacation, knowing that your business is running smoothly while you're gone.

Just imagine...

Working in your genius zone, while having an unlimited income potential, and a more impactful business.

Finding a true business partner you can bounce ideas off, that's invested as much as you are, and is 100% reliable to make things happen.

Living with your true purpose by creating a business and life that honors who you were created to be. 

what if you could have success on

You've proven your business model.  You have experienced success but you want more.  Success for you could mean more money.  But it also may mean more freedom, more joy, and an even bigger impact on the world.  You are ready to make the commitment it takes to step into your power.  You are stretching outside your comfort zone and positioned to embrace the next amazing chapter in your business and life.  We are here to support you and celebrate with you on your journey! 

your terms?

Finally being the visionary and CEO of their biz

Creating multi 6-7 figure businesses

Moving from overwhelmed to total joy

my clientS are:

I want that!

Your day-to-day operations is what makes your business tick.  It affects your time, your reputation, and ultimately your profits. Systems and processes need to be streamlined and running efficiently.  Your A-team needs to be working on the right things at the right time.  We review, create, and manage all your SOPs. We are masters at timely execution, and project and team management is
our zone of genius!


What's  Included:

We love marketing and building brands that your tribe is excited to follow.  For us, marketing means spreading your content in the world.  We make sure your messaging is consistent, relevant, and appealing to your prospects.  When you have events or programs you are promoting, we plan the launch and manage all the moving pieces.  Our job is to partner with you and take ownership for your company brand and growth.


We love your clients and team as much as you love them.  People are the lifeblood of the company and providing an outstanding experience is something we do well.  We will help you recruit and hire your A-team.  We onboard new clients and team members.  With outstanding people skills, we build relationships that are strong, fun, and loyal. You can trust us to provide superior service.

client/team support

I'm all in!

the business + life of your dreams

Let us be the team that helps make that happen! 

You deserve to have


let me tell ya about the clients I serve!

You are amazingly good at what you do and you have a desire to bring transformation to the world.

You are serious about your business, but you love to smile and have fun while working.

You have a collaborative approach and welcome input from other business experts.

You are committed to doing your part to take massive action towards your business growth.

You are ready to let go and trust another leader to manage your business, and do it well.

You are averaging at least $15-$20K per month in revenue, and you desire to expand well beyond that.

Let's dive in.

yes, that's me!

You are ready to make BIG waves in the world with your business! 

You're tired of managing all the balls and you're ready to hire a professional juggler. :)

You believe everyone should work in their zone of genius.

You are the visionary of your business, and you are ready to be an agent of transformation. 


Who You Are...

Meet the Team

CEO / Founder

Lori Young is a certified OBM, certified Empowerment Coach and leader of this amazing team.  As a two-time entrepreneur, Lori is passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs realize their dreams.  She loves spending time with her clients, strategizing on the best ways to grow their biz, while also creating a smooth, operational flow that saves time and money.  Lori is passionate about her team and creating a collaborative effort that helps everyone have fun while making a big impact.  In her spare time, she is spending time with family & friends, working out, watching This is Us, or enjoying a nice glass of buttery Chardonnay or a Buffalo Trace Manhattan on a Friday night.

lori young


Sheri loves to make order out of chaos and is talented at knowing the step by step actions it will take to accomplish a big picture goal. Sheri is always busy doing systems research,  creating client processes that are well planned and detailed, and then following those processes through from beginning to end.  Sheri lives with her husband in Fort Worth, TX. She has two daughters, 3 dogs, and enjoys the outdoors, church and family and friends.



Emma loves to solve problems and strategize. She's a Certified OBM with many years in management. Mix that with her love for tech and automations and you have smooth operations. Ask Emma all your questions about project management tools and she will be a wealth of information.  Emma lives with her three daughters in Sweden and enjoys spending time on the boat in the archipelago. 

emma P.

Tech VA

Amy brings her passion for anything technical to help our clients stay on top of the latest technology. She pays close attention to the smallest details and loves to come up with creative solutions. At Amazing OBM, Amy is busy posting blogs, sending out newsletters, setting up email automations, updating websites, creating landing pages, and anything else technical Lori throws her way.  Amy enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching Netflix.

Amy r.


As a content creator and copywriter, Jennifer works to help our clients create content that connects with their audience and gives voice to their brand. With a background in school library media, she brings a very story-based approach to all of her writing.

When not creating killer content for our clients, you can probably find Jennifer sipping iced coffee, diving into a good book, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs, or hanging out with her amazing family.

Jennifer d.


Diane is our go-to person for all our client administrative projects. She is thorough, accurate and never misses a deadline. At Amazing OBM, you might find Diane helping clients increase their LinkedIn reach, creating forms / presentations or building spreadsheets to tackle a massive email cleanup project. Diane lives in Massachusetts and enjoys cheering on the Boston Red Sox. In her spare time, she travels the country visiting breweries, and volunteering at animal shelters.

diane c. 


Alyssa is our go-to Social Media Virtual Professional for helping clients gain a greater online presence through organic and authentic growth. She is well-versed in the Instagram and Facebook platforms, bringing new ideas and modern approaches to creating engagement. Alyssa helps clients attract loyal and paying customers, gain the confidence they need in order to build a solid social media strategy, and conquer the digital world.
She loves traveling and exploring the world with her partner and as a certified bookworm, you will often see her curled up with a good book.

Alyssa s.

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10 hour+ Monthly retainer


If you need a team to handle your operations, marketing, and/or customer support, we will put together a custom retainer package to handle these tasks.

*Implementation services are only available in conjunction with our OBM services.

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20 hour+ Monthly retainer

online business manager

Whether you have your own team, or want to use ours, we will provide you with online business management services on a monthly retainer.

*The 20 hour minimum can be used for OBM services only or a combo of implementation/OBM services.