The World Desperately Needs the Unique Transformation You Provide

...And You Need a Non-Sleazy, Stress-Free Way to LAUNCH It!

The real problem? 

Heck yes I do! Let’s go!

As a coach, course creator, or personal transformation expert, you’ve got a life-changing offer just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Or maybe that amazing course, program, book, or coaching group is still just an idea buzzing around in the back of your brain.

Either way, you know your people desperately want and need what you’ve got to share. And honestly, you’re dying to provide it for them! But it’s not doing anyone any good as long as you keep it under lock and key.

You don’t know how to get your transformational offer out of your Google Drive into the world without allowing the massive stress and overwhelm of a launch to clobber you. 

Maybe you’ve…

Never launched before and you don’t have the first idea where to start

Tried to launch in the past but you didn’t get the results you wanted…which left you feeling discouraged, defeated, and unsure of what you did wrong

Launched an offer with fantastic results, but it was such a #hotmess that the thought of launching again makes you want to hide in the corner while breathing into a paper bag

I get it. Launching is NOT for the faint of heart.

…And launching successfully (without pulling your hair out or crying yourself to sleep) requires a systematic approach to managing and executing all the moving parts.

However, when armed with the knowledge of everything it takes to have a successful launch, you become empowered to make better decisions, try new ideas, and create a plan that actually works!

Also, mindset and confidence are everything when you launch. And these things only improve when you know what the heck you’re doing.

Here’s the truth

It usually takes a LOT of launches before you can finally develop a system that works cohesively to achieve the results you want without the overwhelm. 

Education, failures, and successes all add up in your knowledge bank over time, but time is not a luxury you have when the world needs your transformative message NOW

This is exactly why I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the course of the many, MANY launches I’ve worked on ASAP.

Because if I can cut down on your learning curve, and help you avoid the launch pitfalls I have seen, then we can both rest a little easier at night.

I’m not promising this course will be the magic bullet that brings you instantaneous success (as much as I wish I could!), but I assure you that inside you will learn what it takes to craft a successful launch. 

And if you apply this hard-earned knowledge in your own business, your chances of achieving your goals in your next launch will increase dramatically.

The answers you’re searching for can all be found in 10 Components of a Successful Heart-Centered Launch.

Yes, I Need This!

Your instructor, Lori Young, is a certified Funnel Gorgeous master marketer, certified OBM, and certified empowerment coach. As the founder of Amazing OBM — a digital marketing and OBM agency — she and her rockstar team support heart-centered, purpose-driven, and growth-oriented coaches and course creators as they create their impact in the world.

We have launched courses, group coaching programs, retreats, challenges, memberships, and more! Providing full launch support, from planning, sales page, email sequences, to social media, ads management, and full launch management, we have been down the road of many launches, and understand what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to our launch support services, we spend our days creating and executing marketing plans, building systems and processes, and strategizing with our clients on their business growth.

We pride ourselves on being in the nitty-gritty of your business.

“Lori And Her Team Helped Me On My Facebook Group 5-Day Challenge. With Her Help, The Whole Process Was Smooth And Stress-Free.”  

—Xiaoli Mei

Put your launch anxiety to bed and get your life-changing offer out into the world with…

10 Components of a Successful Heart-Centered Launch

With the right system in your back pocket and a deeper knowledge of all the components that make a launch successful, you can finally…

Plan appropriately for your launch — reducing your stress and anxiety

Set realistic goals for your launch — giving you more power to achieve them

Make sure your offer is irresistible and ready to market

Understand how to spread the word, so more people can experience your transformation 

Create a community that your people are super pumped to engage with

Build the right team AND mindset to support you before, during, and after your launch

I’m in for ONLY $47! 

10 Components of a Successful Heart-Centered Launch
is a jam-packed video course accompanied by an actionable workbook for taking notes, fleshing out ideas, and making concrete decisions. 

Here are more details on what you can expect inside…

Part 1:    Create a Transformative and Irresistible Offer
Part 2:   Define Your Target Market
Part 3:   Outline Your Strategic Launch Plan
Part 4:   Nurture Your Current Group or Email List
Part 5:   Create Your Launch List Builders
Part 6:   Build a Heart-Centered Community
Part 7:   Use Organic and Paid Growth Strategies to Increase Leads
Part 8:   Write Storytelling and Heartfelt Content that Converts
Part 9:   Build Your Launch Team
Part 10: Master Your Launch Mindset

And COMPLETE and EXTENSIVE Written Guides to help you with your launch plan, passive lead magnet, active lead building event, sales webinar, sales page, sales emails and social media promotion. Over 75 pages of detailed instructions.

PLUS these Bonuses:

I genuinely want you to be successful in your next launch. After all, the world (or at least your corner of it) is depending on YOU for the transformation it desperately needs!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, the workbook, and the extra bonuses within 7 days, we will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enroll today in the course, take 7 days to explore all the materials and then decide if it was helpful for you. 

All I ask is that you actually commit to taking the course and doing the work so you can make an informed decision. This program will work IF you work it!

That offer has been collecting dust and spinning around in your mind for long enough! 

It’s time for whatever has been holding you back — a lack of knowledge, past failures, inconsistent support — to get kicked to the curb.

Sure. You can continue to sit on your program or course, waiting for the perfect time to launch. But I guarantee that the perfect time will not come. Because the perfect time is a myth and it’s ultimately an excuse.

Now is your chance to dive in and take action on the dream of launching your amazing offer! If not for yourself, for those prospective clients just waiting to experience the transformation only you can provide! 

Grab this course for ONLY $47 and start planning your next launch today!

I’m in for ONLY $47! 

→ 10 Components of a Successful Heart-Centered Launch Course (Valued at $127)
→ 7 Complete and Extensive Guides to Guide Your Launch (Valued at $97)
→ The Complete Guide to Scaling Your Online Business (Valued at $27)
→ Ultimate Checklist for Finding, Hiring, and Retaining a Rockstar Virtual Team (Valued at $19)
→ 10 Must Do Steps to Get More Customers from Your Content Marketing Plan (Valued at $19)

Total Value: $280

Today’s Price: $47

I’m ready to grab this deal and LAUNCH!

"Lori Gave My Business Structure From A Marketing Point Of View. Her Ideas And Creativity Are Mind-Blowing."


The Word Amazing Does Not Begin To Describe The Care And Thoughtfulness With Which Lori And Her Team Carry Out The Marketing Services For My Company.


I Love Working With Lori - She Is Helping Me Take My Business To Higher Levels Of Success. Since Working With Lori, My Business Has Grown 10X.

—Kim S.