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I've been exactly where you're at.  Stuck.  Unclear.  Unsure about what to do next.  As a two-time entrepreneur, I've rode the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, and I know exactly how it feels to deeply want the business of your dreams.  Maybe you want...








Whatever is important to you, one thing is for sure. More often than not, you will need a mentor to help you sort things out, formulate a plan and support you in reaching your business goals.

I’m Lori, a certified online business manager, certified empowerment coach and marketing specialist. I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs that desire to build a business that has both soul and purpose. You want to serve the world and create transformation in individuals, but you want to do it in a way that feels completely authentic for you.

Everything you want for your business is possible. Together we dive into your business, and figure out what is standing in the way of you getting from where you are now to where you want to be. We look at what is working and what isn’t. By examining your strategic plan, your marketing, your processes, your team, and your systems, we can create a step-by-step roadmap to your desired success.

Please allow me to come alongside you as your heart-centered coach, consultant and mentor. Here are the ways I can support you.


Meet your coach!

Coaching and Consulting

deep Dive Planning Session (via Zoom) 

If you have lots of ideas running around in your head and you’re not sure which direction to turn, the deep dive planning session is your solution. This two-hour session with me will give you a 90-day plan for your business goals. Get crystal clear about what next steps are for you and your business. Here is what you receive:

1.  Pre-session Deep Dive Planning Questionnaire
2. A 2-hour planning session to dive deep into your business goals, roadblocks and action steps required to achieve what you want
3. A written 90-Day plan outlining your game plan
4. A recording of our deep dive session so you don’t forget anything we talked about


3-Month or 6-Month
Accountability Coaching & Consulting

You have your 90-Day Plan in hand. Now what? If you’re a master executor and have complete confidence you will go out there and make it happen, woohoo! But if you know that life gets busy, bright shiny objects distract you, and day-to-day business takes over, then you are a good candidate for accountability coaching and consulting.

Don’t let your 90-day plan fall by the wayside. Your business goals and growth are far too important for that. Having an accountability coach ensures you make yourself a priority, increases your focus and helps you crush your goals. And when the self-doubt or external roadblocks spring up, I am here to help you overcome and keep you on track.

My style is part coaching and part consulting. I am both a collaborator and cheerleader. Intuitive by nature, I can pull out what’s working and what’s not, and figure out a game plan that aligns with your highest good. And yes, I will hold your feet to the fire when your inner gremlin threatens to derail you.

Accountability coaching and consulting is for the heart-centered business owner that is serious about fast-tracking to success and knows a coach is an invaluable member of the team. Only available to entrepreneurs who have participated in the Deep Dive planning session.