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I’ve been exactly where you’re at. Stuck. Unclear. Unsure about what to do next. As a two-time entrepreneur, I’ve rode the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, and I know exactly how it feels to deeply want the business of your dreams. If you’re like the clients I work with, I know you want…








Whatever is important to you, one thing is for sure. More often than not, you will need a mentor to help you sort things out, formulate a plan and support you in reaching your business goals.

I’m Lori, a certified master marketer, certified empowerment coach and certified online business manager. I work with coaches and course creators that desire to build a business that has both soul and purpose. You want to serve the world and create transformation in individuals, but you want to do it in a way that feels completely authentic for you.

Everything you want for your business is possible. Together we dive into your business, and figure out what is standing in the way of you getting from where you are now to where you want to be. I listen deeply to what’s important to you, what’s challenging you, and what you’ve tried so far in your business. Intuitive by nature and coupled with my 20+ years of business growth experience, I help you uncover the answers that will help you move forward, strategically and confidently.

Please allow me to come alongside you as your heart-centered coach, consultant and mentor. Here are the ways I can support you.


Meet your coach!

Strategy and Planning Sessions

90-Minute Strategy Sessions (via Zoom)

Sometimes you just need a sounding board and expert strategies to help you get unstuck. Spend 90 brainstorming minutes with me to tackle one specific issue you are facing in your business. Come away with clarity, confidence and a multitude of ideas you can take back to the drawing board. A recording of our call will be provided to you. 

Areas I typically cover during these sessions are:

Let’s See If We Are a Good Fit First

Deep Dive Planning Session (via Zoom)

If you have lots of ideas running around in your head and you’re not sure which direction to turn, the deep dive planning session is your solution. This two-hour session with me will give you a 90-day plan for your business goals. Get crystal clear about what next steps are for you and your business. Here is what you receive:

  • Pre-session Deep Dive Planning Questionnaire
  • 2-hour planning session with me to dive deep into your business goals, roadblocks and action steps required to achieve what you want
  • A written 90-Day plan outlining your game plan
  • A recording of our deep dive session so you don’t forget anything we talked about

Book a 30-Minute Right Fit Call with Me Today

Help you carve out your unique selling proposition

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Define your niche and target audience

Develop an aligned offer suite

Ideas for finding your ideal clients

How to set up a personalized content marketing plan

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