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I'm lori.

A certified obm and founder of amazing obm, a full service, and high-touch team committed to your growth and freedom.

my story...

We work with heart-centered, purpose-driven, and growth-oriented entrepreneurs.  Our clients desire to stay in their zone of genius and know that it takes a team to support them in their goals.

Our tribe is typically multi-six figure businesses who specialize in coaching, training, online course creation, and personal transformation.  Together we strategize on the best people, systems, priorities, and tools needed to build your dream business.

Our OBMs work hard to make sure all projects and business activities are planned, streamlined, moving forward, and completed on time.  Then the Amazing OBM implementation team steps in and frees up your and time and energy by handling the day-to-day operations, marketing, and client care.  

The end result is a match made in heaven - a yin to your yang.  You are the visionary and CEO of your business.  We handle everything else.

There has not been a time in my career that I have not been managing a business. In my earlier years, I worked with service organizations and manufacturing/distribution companies as their office and operations manager. Gaining valuable, multi-faceted business experience in both small and large office environments, I ventured out on my own and built my own private coaching practice from the ground up. After eight years as a personal and business coach, I made a move from the cold, windy city of Chicago to the sunny Bay Area. Here I worked with technology start-up companies, helping them build their office infrastructure, grow their teams and establish a company culture.

I know what it takes to build and efficiently manage a small business. What makes me different from most online business managers is my level of experience, and the hands-on training I have in so many areas of business – 
 marketing, operations, human resources, communications, accounting and sales.

My Story

My corporate and entrepreneurial experience taught me...

I much prefer being my own boss.  I love the freedom, the creativity and limitless potential that entrepreneurship offers.  I am adventurous, hard-working, decisive, and a master at getting things done.  I get up every morning and do what I do because I have a passion and devotion to personal growth and transformation.  I want to be surrounded by people who want to make a difference in this world.  That is my "why".  Can you feel me?

Our Company Values...

1. communication

we won't ghost you

2. excellence

high quality results

3. collaboration

partners in business

4. relationships

people are first!

5. personal growth

learning is our jam

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9. diane


10. lori


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Meet the Team

CEO / Founder

Lori Young is a certified OBM, certified Empowerment Coach and leader of this amazing team.  As a two-time entrepreneur, Lori is passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs realize their dreams.  She loves spending time with her clients, strategizing on the best ways to grow their biz, while also creating a smooth, operational flow that saves time and money.  Lori is passionate about her team and creating a collaborative effort that helps everyone have fun while making a big impact.  In her spare time, she is spending time with family & friends, working out, watching This is Us, or enjoying a nice glass of buttery Chardonnay or a Buffalo Trace Manhattan on a Friday night.

lori young


Sheri loves to make order out of chaos and is talented at knowing the step by step actions it will take to accomplish a big picture goal. Sheri is always busy doing systems research,  creating client processes that are well planned and detailed, and then following those processes through from beginning to end.  Sheri lives with her husband in Fort Worth, TX. She has two daughters, 3 dogs, and enjoys the outdoors, church and family and friends.



Emma loves to solve problems and strategize. She's a Certified OBM with many years in management. Mix that with her love for tech and automations and you have smooth operations. Ask Emma all your questions about project management tools and she will be a wealth of information.  Emma lives with her three daughters in Sweden and enjoys spending time on the boat in the archipelago. 

emma P.

Tech VA

Amy brings her passion for anything technical to help our clients stay on top of the latest technology. She pays close attention to the smallest details and loves to come up with creative solutions. At Amazing OBM, Amy is busy posting blogs, sending out newsletters, setting up email automations, updating websites, creating landing pages, and anything else technical Lori throws her way.  Amy enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching Netflix.

Amy r.


As a content creator and copywriter, Jennifer works to help our clients create content that connects with their audience and gives voice to their brand. With a background in school library media, she brings a very story-based approach to all of her writing.

When not creating killer content for our clients, you can probably find Jennifer sipping iced coffee, diving into a good book, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs, or hanging out with her amazing family.

Jennifer d.


Diane is our go-to person for all our client administrative projects. She is thorough, accurate and never misses a deadline. At Amazing OBM, you might find Diane helping clients increase their LinkedIn reach, creating forms / presentations or building spreadsheets to tackle a massive email cleanup project. Diane lives in Massachusetts and enjoys cheering on the Boston Red Sox. In her spare time, she travels the country visiting breweries, and volunteering at animal shelters.

diane c. 


Alyssa is our go-to Social Media Virtual Professional for helping clients gain a greater online presence through organic and authentic growth. She is well-versed in the Instagram and Facebook platforms, bringing new ideas and modern approaches to creating engagement. Alyssa helps clients attract loyal and paying customers, gain the confidence they need in order to build a solid social media strategy, and conquer the digital world.
She loves traveling and exploring the world with her partner and as a certified bookworm, you will often see her curled up with a good book.

Alyssa s.


I can kick some serious ass but I won't, unless I have to

I'm a black belt in taekwondo


and celebrate diversity on every level!

i'm out and proud


Especially ones that inspire my goal to travel the world

I love puzzles!


Raising them has been my greatest accomplishment!

I have two amazing boys!


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