Want Results From Your First or Next Launch?

Fix the 7 Common Launch Mistakes that Coaches Make

    In this guide, you will:

    Understand exactly what to avoid in your next launch so you can create the success you desire.
    Fix the 7 most common launch mistakes to maximize sales.
    Develop the right launch mindset so you know exactly what to expect during this process.
    Receive a BONUS Launch Self-Care Checklist so you can minimize the stress in your next launch.

    Hi, I’m Lori…the Founder of Amazing OBM

    I started and grew an online coaching practice back in 2004, when digital marketing strategies were in their infancy. Times have changed since then and continue to evolve constantly. And I have made it my mission to study the digital marketing landscape so I can help coaches and course creators like you grow your business online.

    As a certified FGS master marketer and certified coach, I understand your industry and what it takes to increase your visibility, build an online following and ultimately scale your business. My goal is to demystify marketing for you and give you an arsenal of tools you can use to create a launch plan that is personal, authentic and customized for you. Together we can carry out your mission: to create transformation in this world!

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